The best Birthday party in Staffordshire

What makes a Clip ‘n Climb Stoke party the best Birthday party in Staffordshire ?

We have been open for over 4 years and even with Covid we have held hundreds of Birthday parties for children from all over Staffordshire. Our reviews support the fact that parents and children love climbing parties at Clip n Climb Stoke! Just check out Facebook or Google. So what makes a climbing party with us so memorable and the best children’s party venue in Staffordshire?

Climbing is a great group activity

All of your party arrive and have a safety briefing which builds excitement. When you then enter the arena you are shown again how to attach the belay rope and listen to some safety issues and you are then free to go and explore the arena as you see fit for 60 minutes where you can interact with your fellow climbers and be cheered on by parents from the Mezzanine Cafe!

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Every climbing wall is different

We have 24 live walls and a drop slide and every climbing wall has different levels of difficulty. You don’t have to go to the top or you can take your time having a go. We have 4 staff always on hard to encourage and support you into the belay rope, and out again, so you can maximise your time climbing time.

We do allow parents into the arena for children under 8 to support. The only pressure comes from yourself to get up the walls and if you don’t want to do something then that’s all cool

It’s a great way to blow of steam

Exciting, thrilling, challenging, resilience building and FUN! All words we have heard and it’s a great way to exercise and burn off those Birthday cake calories. Doing exercise together encourages teamwork and friendship and you workout how to get to the top of different wall and encourage your friends on the way up !

When you’ve had your hour of climbing you have drinks and food to enjoy in our bespoke Party Room !

Our Party Room !

The best around with our now infamous X – Men Murals by Mr Murals, a local graffiti artist who is has become very popular and sought after for his breath-taking wall murals.

We sit up to 20 children and can accommodate smaller numbers as low as 5 on the table on the mezzanine. We offer sandwiches or pizza, popcorn/crisps, carrot/cucumber, unlimited juice and jelly and ice cream for dessert.

Each Birthday child gets their name written on the party room wall, a free slushie and a go on our fabulous drop slide! You are most welcome to bring a cake and presents with you.


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We can provide you invites to send also (see below)


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Still Interested?

We tend to get booked up one month or more in advance so please try and make a booking three months ahead. Fill in the form below with some basic contact details and your requested date and we will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm and then take a £50 booking to secure your slot. Within 7 days of the party you will need to please pay the balance (there are no refunds post 7 days to party date)

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