Schools and Youth Groups

How can a trip to Clip 'n Climb benefit my class?

Clip ‘n Climb consists of various climbing challenges which can benefit your students both physically and cognitively.

Our indoor climbing walls are designed to increase confidence and self-esteem through personal achievement, strength, balance, coordination and a healthy lifestyle through physical activity. Peer support, communication and perseverance through problem-solving are also key benefits.

Most importantly, of course, Clip ‘n Climb is great fun!

Risk assessments of our climbing centre can be provided directly on request via Clip ‘n Climb head office. We are fully insured and there have been no serious injuries at any Clip ‘n Climb sites.

Please email or telephone: 01785 812906 to discuss details and to book your place.

Schools, scouts, guides and youth groups are welcome to take advantage of our 10% discounted rates with a minimum of 10 climbers. You can bring up to 30 children. (Monday to Friday term time only, for sessions outside our regular opening hours please contact reception).

To take advantage of this offer you will need to be a registered school, charity or youth group.

Please email or phone 0178 58 12 906 to discuss details and booking.